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Just Fine


Reviewed by a member from New York on Sep 23, 2014


He is good looking, attentive, and friendly. You won't be disappointed.


The Best Masseur in NYC


Reviewed by a member from New York on Jan 9, 2013


I have been looking for the perfect massage therapist in NYC for years and I finallly found Lysander. He is handsome, genial, skilled and very tuned in to my needs and concerns. He has a very positive attitude and really enjoys his work. In a city full of crazies and charlatans Lysander is the real thing. Do yourself a favor and book with him today.


Excellent Massage.


Reviewed by a member from New York City on Aug 23, 2011


Lysander offers a wonderful experience. I first arrive and he greeted me at the door with a warm smile and handsome face. I was a little nervous at first in an unfamiliar space, but he put me at ease right away. The massage room is modest yet practical and with room enough to accommodate my very large frame. I was lost several times in the experience and in his caring hands. After the session ended, I felt revitalized with my energy moving freely throughout my body. I would recommend Lysander and will be arranging another session in the future.


A Master


Reviewed by a member from New York on Oct 17, 2010


Lysander is a superb masseur, with wonderful technique. He is truly a gentleman, with a touch that is sometimes light as a feather, sometimes much deeper. He knew exactly how to unknot my muscles and has a fantastic intuitive sense of where to go and what to do. He is also very good-looking, sexy, and generous. One of the best masseurs ever and one of New York's treasures!


Awesome Experience

by Anonymous from New York on Aug 2, '09

Lysdander is rare combination of personality goodlooks and ofcourse touch. He really knows his job extremely well. For me it was truly an 'out of the world' experience. He is the one for me !!!


Very nice in every possible way...

by Anonymous from New York, New York on Jul 28, '08

As I told him throughout the massage: "Mmmmmmmm!" Just wonderful in every respect. Very responsive to my massage intensity preferences. And aside from being quite handsome, Lysander is the nicest person (masseur) I've met. Nice in the most genuine and postive respect. Great value and easily affordable without sacrificing any quality or care. I asked if he could spare an additional half hour and he accommodated me easily. I've found my standard! - Eric Fox


Need a fine massage experience, go to Lysander!

by Anonymous from New York City on Mar 12, '08

Lysander welcomed me into his apartment on W 47th in NYC, and I was immediately at ease. He's a very nice guy, and makes you feel very much at home in his place. A fine setting, a good warm room, and great hands. I am a little shy, but I felt an immediate safe and professional connection with him. If you have never had a sensual massage or you have, you will have a fine experience with Lysander. I will be going back to him on my next visit to NYC.


He gives you what you need

by bklynguy11215 from New York on Dec 17, '07

Lysander provides an amazing relaxing experience. He immediately makes you feel like a special guest. It only takes him a short amount of time to find your trouble spots, and once he does he lets you tell him how much pressure to use. His caring nature comes through on every stroke. And of course it doesn't hurt that he's extremely handsome.


One of four masseurs that I adore

by from New York City on Sep 3, '07

lysnader is wonderful. He is exaclty what his profile says . He provides an excellent massage. If you wish deep it is deep. if you wish light it is light. I have found him to be very accomodating . i often drift off when he works on me he makes me so comfortable. He clearly knows how to handle my body. and to relax me . He is just wonderful . My only regret is that I don't get to him more often


I felt great!

by jim c from New York, NYC - Manhattan on Jun 21, '07

Lysander is handsome, sexy and talented. He greeted me with with a smile and it just got better from there. He made me feel very special and gave me a great massage from start to finish, after which I felt great. I hope to meet with him again and again.


Just Right

by Anonymous from New York, NYC - Manhattan on Jan 19, '07

The right combination of therapy and kindness made this an excellent experience.


A bargain at twice the price

by Anonymous from New York, NYC - Manhattan on Jan 12, '07

Lysander has the gift of finding those tension spots and knowing exactly how to work them out. He spent the right amount of time in the right places. The low price made me wonder how good of a massage it would be, I was looking for more than just a back rub, but it would have been a bargain at twice the price.


Best Male Massage I Ever Had

by Rick from New York, NYC - Manhattan on Dec 6, '06

I was working late and found Lysander on this site. He took me at last minute notice for which I was really grateful. When he opened the door to his apartment, I was greeted by a handsome well built friendly guy. I took a shower in his very clean bathroom and then went into his comfortable, compact massage room where he proceeded to give me the best massage I ever had. He tailors his massage to the client's needs and all I wanted was a semi deep rub to relax. Well, he was so good with his sensual touch that I drifted off for a while. That's NEVER happened to me before. By the time I left, he had touched every part of my aching body so well that I was pain free. I'd recommend him to anyone who wishes to enjoy a wonderful massage with a wonderful guy


He's the one!

by Anonymous from New York, NYC - Manhattan on Oct 25, '06

I was on business in the city and decided to give Lysander a try. Reached him with my first call and arranged a time within an hour on a Sunday. He was extremely welcoming, friendly and put me as ease. After I striped down, got on his table, he asked the right questions and went to work. His hands are incredible and his sense of need perfect. It was an incredibly full experience. I am older and very overweight, but Lysander made me very comfortable. Absolutely no attitude other than making it a pleasurable experience. He was so wonderful, a few days later I rearranged some meetings to schedule another appointment with him. I didn't think it could get better, but it did. So warm, comforting, and caring. I only wished I lived closer as I'd become a regular with Lysander. However, I'll definitely be back to see him soon.


Great experience!

Reviewed by a member from New York, NYC - Manhattan on Oct 22, 2006

I called Lysander for an appointment and since I live close and he had an opening, I was on his table within a half an hour. He gives a terrific professional massage and adjusted his pressure so that it was just right for me. His every movement was completely purposeful and worked my muscles so they were relaxed. Don't be fooled by Lysander's affordable price as he gave me one of the best massages I've ever had, and you would be missing out on a great experience if you pass him by. I felt like I was floating on air on my walk home after the massage. I'll definitely book another appointment soon.


Great value/excellent experience

Reviewed by a member from New York, NYC - Manhattan on Aug 24, 2006

I met with Lysander while in New York on business. I was able to get an appointment shortly after I called. Massage was terrific...he has a wonderful touch and is very interesting to talk with.


Clark Kent becomes Superman

Reviewed by a member from New York, NYC - Manhattan on Jul 25, 2006

Lysander is the best. Even more handsome than his picture. When he takes off those glasses, hello Superman. He is not only very toned and fit but also a nice person, well spoken and polite. His nurturing, caring massage can be light or deep depending on your wishes and he gives you his total attention. You won't be disappointed and you will what to come back often. Thanks, Lysander!


Delivers as expected

Reviewed by a member from New York, NYC - Manhattan on Mar 13, 2006

Went to Lysander on a blizzard day in Feb. He prefers not to set up appointments too far ahead because he says people sometimes cancel...especially first timers. Took me a little while to completely understand this but it makes perfect sense in light of his not knowing the client. He lives in a typical and comfortable Hells Kitchen apartment and I was particularly interested in him because I live in the same neighborhood. He was cordial, and friendly. He offered me a choice of the kind of massage I wanted: vigorous, light, deep, etc. And he concentrated nicely on providing a consistent and rewarding experience. I was happy to take advantage of his "introductory price" and I will certainly go back to him when I can.


First rate massage, first rate guy

Reviewed by a member from New York, NYC - Manhattan on Sep 28, 2005

I picked Lysander because he sounded like a man who does his own thinking, and I'm glad I trusted the hunch. He turned out to be a very intelligent, sexy, skilled conversationalist while that was called for, and a very knowing, sexy, skilled, sensual masseur the whole time. He knows what he's doing, and seems to derive as much delight as he gives ? which is plenty.


Very nic

Reviewed by a member from New York, NYC - Manhattan on Sep 8, 2005

Great guy, very good looking, with a magic touch.


First rate masseur

Reviewed by from New York, NYC - Manhattan on Mar 23, 2005

Lysander was totally professional without being unfriendly; he's very attractive, fit, strong and all of this contributes to a great experience. And, he's bright, witty and a great guy. You won't be disappointed and I look forward to getting on his calendar again for another totally satisfying experience.



From light to deep touch -- all in one session

Reviewed by from New York, NYC - Manhattan on Mar 12, 2005

From the moment the massage starts, one feels like you're in good hands. To put you at ease, the massage begins with a very gentle, almost feathery touch that makes your body come alive. He then begins to adjust the power of the strokes, careful that you are feeling comfortable. Making you feel completely at ease, you surrender to the touch as he thoroughly works your entire body. It's a great hour for your body and very reasonable. You will leave feeling taken care of.


The best ever!

Reviewed by a member from New York, NYC - Manhattan on Feb 26, 2005

I've had massages all over the country, but never have I left walking on air like I did after being with Lysander. His intuition of just what I needed combined with his enthusiasm combined to make it an unforgettable experience. I've been waiting to get back to New York ever since! Thanks Lysander! You're the greatest!