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February 17, 2015 Although weather suggested I chose the worst time to visit NYC, my gut feeling proved me right by hiring Lysander. Not only he was accommodating and sensible, but thoughtful.My experience was such that I didn't wanted to leave his studio once the 90 minutes elapsed. They went by so quickly I didn't realize. He showed a variety of techniques ranging from a light touch to firm pressure. He also demonstrated to be a good listener, but skilled masseur and in addition,reasonably priced. Needless to say, he is also good looking. I am already looking forward to visit him next month.


October 21, 2014 I first had a session with Lysander when he visited Washington DC some time ago. Funny thing is, I don't remember a whole lot of details about that session except that it made me hope for a repeat. It finally worked out to see him last week when I was in NYC, and I was not disappointed. His place was conveniently located and easy to find; he let me start with a shower to freshen up. He started with feather-light touch on my back, which was so pleasurable and relaxing that I decided to have him keep it on the light side instead of going for a deeper massage with oil. It felt like the whole session was just one long sigh of pleasure. The 90 minutes was gone all too quickly, leaving me feeling very well cared for. Lysander is a beautiful, kind, gentle man, and I am hoping for a repeat as soon as possible, and wishing I lived closer to NYC!

February 05, 2013 I've been going to Lysander for several years now thanks to his laid-back attitude, his solid massage techniques (I generally use his deep-tissue work) which never fail to leave every inch of my aching body relaxed and satisfied, his personalized and expert attention to requests, and of course his beautiful, trim torso with just the right amount of hair...yum. Upon entering his delightfully toasty apartment (which he does keep nice and cool in the summer!), he offers an equally warm welcome with a hug, a friendly smile, and a glass of water. After being allowed to disrobe in privacy (and to use his shower if desired), I get on his table and he returns, asking if I'd like any soft music and/or conversation, what level of pressure I'd prefer, and if there are any areas that need particular attention (and his strong hands invariably manage to hone in on at least one or two areas more that I hadn't even noticed!). I then spend the next hour transported by his caring touch, during which he checks in every now and then to make sure I'm comfortable. On request, he finishes the massage with a wonderful scalp and face rub. Afterwards, he offers more water, another use of his shower if needed, and one more hug goodbye. The bliss from each visit with him lasts for days. yourselves a favor and call Lysander today. His rates are incredibly reasonable, he's generally flexible with same-day appointments (when he's not traveling), and he's such an amazingly kind, sweet soul. You'll be very pleasantly surprised with the new friend you'll make in him.

December 30, 2012 I had a wonderful, wonderful experience with Lysander. He lives in a convenient location and was easy to get in touch with on the phone and was able to schedule me in with very little notice. I arrived and he was very personable and offered me a glass of water. I disrobed and he asked me where I needed attention. He was very open to being told what was bothering you, but also found the spots that needed attention on his own. Everything was great, also, I don't think his price can be beat. Even for an hour at a spa you'd pay more and not get the extra attention.


April 06, 2012 I totally agree with all of Lysander's previous reviews - Great massage - I returned for a second time in a week during my stay in NYC. Lysander is a true gentleman - kind, friendly and articulate - an experienced masseur. He was accommodating to my schedule. I will be back. Thank you. Peter from NH


January 25, 2011 I emailed Lysander two weeks before I was visiting NYC and he asked me to call the night before my appointment. We easily set up a time. It was frigid day in NYC, but his apartment was warm and so was his welcome. I undressed, got on the table and he asked questions. Music, silence, talking? Deep, medium, or intense? Any areas bothering you. The massage was excellent. Different strokes, unique techniques, and more than I ever anticipated. And at the end, with time remaining, Lysander asked if there were any other areas I wanted to be massaged. I asked for the face, and he proceeded to do the face and scalp. I cannot recommend anyone more highly. Great person, great conversation, great massage.

January 25, 2011 I had corresponded a couple of times with Lysander through email. When I decided I wanted to give him a try, I gave him a call. He answered his phone which is nice and I set up an appointment after chatting for a bit! He was very personable. The day of the appointment I gave him a quick call to confirm. The minute I walked into his apartment, I felt like we had known each other for ever. He has a wonderful, friendly smile and personality that puts you at ease immediately. He gave me some privacy as I prepared for the massage and positioned myself on his table. Once I was in place, he came into the room and began the massage. All I can say is WOW!! He has a touch that can not be matched. There were gentle strokes that were very sensual and there were deep, deep strokes that broke up any knots that were there. He concentrated on areas that he obviously felt were in need of attention. I was so relaxed that I could have fallen asleep. I didn't though because I didn't want to miss any of the wonderful feelings that he was bringing to my body. He did not miss a spot on my body that needed to be worked on. Many times throughout the massage, he would try a technique and ask if it felt good to make sure that I was comfortable. He also checked in several times making sure the pressure he was using was good or if it needed to be adjusted. We had some conversation during the massage, but he also knew when it was enough and allowed for silence to be able to soak it all in. Let me say that Lysander has a great toned body to go with his great personality. He is very thorough and does not make you feel rushed at all. I have to say that when he was done, I was completely rejuvinated! There is so much more that I could say, but you really need to experience him for yourself!! Lysander is truly amazing and not one to overlook!! I have made a new friend in just a short 90 minutes. I will be a repeat visitor to his apartment! Try him out, you won't be disappointed!!

October 11, 2010  Great massage experience @very reasonable price. Lysander's apartment house is very easy to find. His studio is small and clean, and you feel welcome from the very first second. Lysander is an easy going guy who provides you with a massage exactly according to what you want. As he says.. featherlight or deep pressure - you can have it all. I felt just great on his massage table and I'm glad I'll be able to be back to NYC next month - of course I will (MUST) see Lysander again :-) 
07/29/10 Well, well, well. Here's the guy. Easily one of (if not the) most intuitively skilled, sweetly compassionate men to ever lay hands on you, Lysander is more than just a great masseur for the price. He's a great masseur, period. His sweet demeanor and deft touch are the perfect cherries on the sundae that is your time with him. He's welcoming, kind and did I mention great at it? GREAT at it. In tune with you from square one, and only interested in making sure you get what you need. However you walk in, you will float out. I can't recommend him more highly.

06/27/10 I have had 3 appointments with Lysander so far. Each one is better than the last. He gives a great, firm massage. I tend to have knots on my left shoulder from carrying my computer bag everywhere. He does a great job of working them out. Unlike many massage therapists that I've been to, he doesn't seem to have a set amount of time that he spends on each part, but instead works an area until the tension is gone. Beyond that, he is very in tune with and attentive to all of your needs. Every appointment that I've had with him as been a great experience.

04/28/10 Lysander gave me one of the best massages I've ever had. His touch is wonderful, and he seems to sense what parts need attention without needing to even ask. He's also personable, intelligent, and a pleasure to be with. I plan on booking an appointment with him whenever I'm in town.

03/26/10 I travel to NYC 2-3x a year and usually always make an appointment with Lysander. It's always good, really good. Whether you're used to getting massage or would like to start, Lysander is your man. Easy to schedule with, very nice guy, most enjoyable experience every time, you will walk away from his place feeling great. I am a single, educated, professonal guy and always feel safe and relaxed in Lysander's great hands.

01/11/10 Lysander is all he says and more - from the warm greeting at the door he set you completely at ease - as if you were lifelong friends. He is very attentive to your need focusing on all areas that need work. He is gentle when he needs to be and strong when its required. He lets you set the pace and takes off from there. I walked out like I was on cloud nine.
09/14/09 I had an awesome time in NYC yesterday. It was the day before my birthday and I desided to celebrate by seeing a show (Rock of Ages, loved it but my seats sucked) and getting a massage to mark the occasion. Lysander is who I selected and I coudn't have made a better choice in my opinion. He greeted me at the door warmly and asked if I would like some water. He than gave me a minute to collect myself before he went ahead with our session. Even though this is not the first sensual massage I've had I was still a bit nervous and Lysander did his very best to relax and reassure me by talking and checking in with how I was feeling and if the pressure he was using was either too hard or too soft etc. He made sure that every muscle in my body was properly rubbed the right way while making sure I was comfortable. All in all his service was impeckable and the fee he charges is more than reasonable. Lysander goes way above and beyond to make sure you have a great massage experience. I kow I'll be back.......go see him.


8/31/09 Great massage by a great guy at a great rate. The perfect massage experience. This was my first session with Lysander but it definitely will not be my last.


8/23/09 'Feeling great since I just left my session with Lysander. I'm walking slower, my shoulders are lower and I think I might be taller. I was a great session given by a handsome, friendly, and talented guy.


11/05/08 Lysander is a great masseur! I am a repeat client for several years. He is always very responsive on the phone, I can usually book an appointment the same day or the next. He is very friendly and welcoming when I arrive. He always checks in to find out whether his massage is the right depth. He really knows how to find the tight spots that need working. Not only is he a nice guy, he has an incredibly hot bod! He has an intuitive knowledge of what his clients need. I can definitely recommend him, and his rates are way too low for what he delivers.


10/13/08 The experience was Lysander was more than expected. He had an intuitive touch and a calming sense to his technique. He made me feel welcomed and relaxed. We engaged in invigorating conversation, although I had the option for no conversation. I could not believe that the session had ended when it did. I will definetly be a regular.


09/18/08 I was a client of Lysander several years ago when I lived in Manhattan. I saw him at least once or twice a month. I lost touch with him when I moved away in 2001. Luckily I fell upon him on MASSAGEM4M and thank heaven I did. I made an appointment about a week prior and reconfirmed the day before. As in the past, Lysander provided me with a massage par excellance! His apartment is located in midtown and very accessible for those coming from out of town. He is a gentleman and makes you feel so very comfortable and at ease the minute you walk in the door. His massage room is warm and intimate and he is very conscious of your comfort always asking if the room is too warm or too cool. His hands are like flickering butterflies as he cascaded them all over your body as he begins the massage. He then asks what kind of pressure you would like and then begins to work on your back, legs, feet releasing every knot and tense muscle. He offers a very sensual prostate massage, if interested. I suggest it. It is amazing. Once you roll over, Lysander proves why he is the best massuer in town. He combines a true therapeutic massage with a sensual touch that has every inch of you tingling that by the end you are completely tense free and very satisfied. On top of all these great aspects of the massage is his very handsome face, perfect chest and beautiful slim body that just puts the massage over the top. Just when you can't fine another great thing to say, how about a rate that is affordable. While the massage is definitely worth more, it is a price that allows you to go back for more and more of this awesome masseur. Lysander is a very kind, sweet, talented and terrific massuer. I recommend him HIGHLY.


07/07/08 My best massage yet in NYC. Thanks Lysander. Keep up the great work.


02/24/08 Lysander provided an excellent value (I told him his rate is too low) and a really thorough massage. I needed a massage that afternoon, he was able to accommodate me - which I appreciated - on short notice. His space is clean and comfortable. I was able to direct him to the areas the needed the most attention and he was considerate in his touch - he asked about the depth and firmness, made sure I was comfortable, but also made sure that he was working into the areas that are problematic for me. At the end of the session, he offered me use of his shower and we sat and chatted a bit. I really felt like I was relaxed and ready for the weekend. On a personal note, I was really pleased with Lysanders appearance and demeanor. He is a really handsome and well built, masculine man. That was a bonus I much appreciated. I plan to go back regularly.


12/14/07 I arrived at Lysander’s apartment with legs that were tired from walking up one side of Manhattan and down the other earlier that day. Lysander has an adorable personality and made me feel right at home. Also, his photo doesn’t do him justice – he’s much more handsome and built than the picture shows. He provided the perfect blend of massage combined with a sensual element. I also liked having the choice of having the massage with or without massage cream, and opted without which somehow made the whole session feel more intimate. Afterwards rather than being hurried out the door, I stayed and we chatted for a while. I left VERY satisfied and will look him up whenever I’m in the city.


10/28/07 Lysander can be summed up as the following: he's very flexible with treatments, he can see you on short notice, and he's worth every bit of what he charges (which is a value compared to many other masseurs). He has great touch, knows his way around your sore muscles, and he makes sure you feel great when you leave.


09/21/07 There's a moment when you leave a masseur's apartment and are walking down the street when you notice the spring in your step and the smile on your face and the "everything's right with the world" feeling - that is if the massage has been everything you wanted it to be and more. Truly that is what you feel after an hour with Lysander. It's one of those "wow, you're even better looking than your profile" greetings that just gets better and better. Wonderful smile, wonderful body, wonderful technique... what more can I say except go. And if you have the means be generous with the tip... this guy charges ridiculously low for what he offers!


09/03/07 Lysander is amazing. He has an incredible touch. He's a handsome guy with a great spirit. I was completely satisfied and will be a regular. Thanks, Lysander!


07/13/07 Wow what a surprise. Nice to find someone who knows what they are doing. A complete pleasure, right up to very end. It is nice to find a masseur who will tailor the massage to your needs. There is no set routine, and Lysander is happy to focus on the areas which you feel need work. He a capable of working very deep, and well as switching to motions which make you tingle. Great massage and great value.


05/18/07 Lysander is a gentle, unpreposessing, hot, well-educated, inuative masseur. He made this Texas guy feel right at home in the Big Apple. I called for an appointment towards the end of his daily booking period and he was able to fit me. His massage table is in a small room at his location, I say small by Texas comparisons but by Manhattan's standards it's huge. Lysander has the best hands of anyone I've been to in a long time. I appreciated the fact that he did not use oil, that is the one thing I dislike about most massages is the greasy feeling I have afterwards. By the time I left and headed back to my apartment I could barely keep my eyes open but at the same time I was in a state of total exhiliration. Lysander is a master at making a guy feel great.


03/24/07 Very good communication. Lysander is very responsive to phone messages. Small, comfortable room at his place. Hot, smart, charming, and caring. Did I mention hot? I love getting massages, they are a special, grounding place for me. This is the first time, however, that after having a massage I decided to call for another one the next night. It was a splurge but oh so worth it. Had two massage nights in a row - and it was right. Lysander is the only masseur I have ever done that with. Great variety of touch, and I love how responsive he is to needs. He obviously loves his job and giving joy to his customers. Just do it. You won't regret it.


03/19/07 I called Lysander and was able to make an appointment for that afternoon. I took the train, but was about 15 minutes late. Lysander was very nice when I got there, no attitude for being late. The apartment was very warm and the massage space was intimate. Lysander did a great massage for me. He asked me about my preferences, strong or soft massage, and I chose strong. He was amazing , I felt so relaxed. Lysander paid a lot of attention to my back and tense shoulders. This ws the first time I got goosebumps during a shoulder massage. I had been shovelling snow the day before, so had some sore muscles. He worked on my feet, that was heaven, always my favorite part of a massage. He worked the tension out of every inch of my body, I was sorry to have the hour end, I'm going for an hour and a half next time.


03/11/07 I have seen Lysander several times when visiting NYC. He usually answers the phone live when I call and when not, returns the call quickly. Lysander is a genuine, nice guy, intelligent, without attitude, handsome, pics are accurate, and when he is with you, he totally focuses on you. He dedicates his time with you to giving you a massage that meets your needs. He adjusts the pressure of the massage to work out the tension/knots checking to make sure you are comfortable and adjusts the pressure accordingly. He also adds a sensual touch. He is not rushed and you can float away as he works the muscles of your entire body. I always leave relaxed and renewed in body and spirit. Lysander's very reasonable rates belie the incredible massage he gives. He is worth much more than he charges.